Our mission is to train culturally humble leaders and innovators in practice, administration, research, and education. Since 1983, half of our over 90 graduates have pursued general Med-Peds careers {primary care, academic (2 Vice-Chairs and Division Chiefs, 5 Program Directors), and hospitalist} and half pursued sub-specialties (Medicine, Pediatrics, or combined Med-Peds).

Our outstanding Medicine and Pediatrics departments as well as the University of Chicago resources provide unique opportunities in research, health policy study, health disparities, medical education, leadership in urban underserved primary care and the MacLean Center for Medical Ethics to name a few. We have a multitude of global health opportunities.

The MERITS medical education fellowship is available for residents to complete during their four years of residency where they may attain a Master’s Degree in Education and develop a scholarly education project under the guidance of a medical education mentor.

During their four years of training, residents may also complete a Medical Ethics fellowship at the internationally acclaimed MacLean Center for Medical Ethics.

Our Health Resources and Services Administration-funded primary care track, LUCENT (Leadership for Urban Care, Education and Transformation) is available for 3rd- and 4th-year residents.

The Med-Peds PATHways (Program for Adolescent and Adult Transition to Health) program is an ambulatory and inpatient consultation service is led by our residency program. We provide both in and outpatient consultations to adolescents and young adults with chronic childhood conditions. During their ambulatory blocks, residents act as the first consultant and then staff patients with Med-Peds attending physicians. Additionally, all residents participate in our program-wide transition care quality improvement project.

Our program is well balanced between primary, sub-specialty, and ambulatory care and is designed to maximize individual flexibility. Our combined Med-Peds practice provides outstanding training in longitudinal care and practice management.

Our residents come from excellent medical schools from all over the country and are highly respected by the categorical departments: Ten residents have been selected by the categorical departments to be chief residents and several have won awards as interns, or residents of the year in both departments. Our 4th year residents receive a stipend and act as chiefs for our program.

We have 9 faculty members who act as preceptors in the Med-Peds continuity practice and additional Med-Peds trained subspecialty faculty and fellows at the University of Chicago. One of our faculty members is a Vice-Chair of Medicine and the Section Chief of General Internal Medicine.

Our monthly meetings as well as our Steering Committee and Ambulatory and Transition Care task forces, provide robust opportunities for resident involvement and cement a home-base feel to our program. Additionally, we sponsor 4 Med-Peds Grand Rounds per year where we host members of both categorical departments. We have an annual retreat and many celebrations, including a match party, graduation party, and welcome party for the new interns. 

Chicago is a wonderful city to explore in your time off! For a glimpse of what our residents are up to, follow us on Instagram @uchicagomedpeds.

Nabil Abou Baker, MD, FAAP

Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics
Interim Program Director