Photo of Sofija Degesys
Sofija Degesys
Georgetown University School of Medicine

Sofija received her undergraduate degree from Duke majoring in Medieval Renaissance History with a minor in Classics. She stayed on at the Duke School of Public Policy for one year researching and presenting on multiple International Health Policy projects, such as revamping Governmental Health Insurance in Palestine, and Renovating the Tuberculosis Laboratory System in the Ukraine. She received her Medical Degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine where she was inducted into the AOA honor society and will receive a certificate in Health Justice. Sofija was the PI examining HIV testing practices among providers culminating in presentation at the National Summit for Healthcare Justice. In addition to holding several leadership positions, Sofia represented Lithuania at the United States Cherry Blossom Festival based on her exemplary work in international exchange, scholarly achievement, and volunteer experiences. Sofija enjoys Lithuanian folk dancing, tennis, flag football, black and white photography, reading, and travel.

Photo of Vincent DiMaggio
Vincent DiMaggio
Georgetown University School of Medicine

Vinny received his undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Boston College and his Master’s Degree in Biophysics and Physiology from Georgetown University. He worked as a researcher at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons conducting several basic science studies on hepatobiliary, pancreatic, and colorectal cancers culminating in first authorship and several publications in peer-reviewed journals. Throughout his undergraduate, graduate and medical studies, Vinny held several leadership positions including Georgetown University School of Medicine Student Body President for two years. He was awarded the Georgetown University School of Medicine Student Life Scholarship at the conclusion of his third year in medical school and will graduate in the top of his class. He volunteered extensively throughout his undergraduate, graduate and medical training years and has served as a teaching assistant. Vinny is a roller coaster enthusiast and enjoys cooking, playing sports, film, music, reading and writing.

Photo of Natalia Genere
Natalia Genere
University of Minnesota Medical School

Natalia emigrated from Russia in 1991 with her family. Her personal experiences helped shaped her passion for community education and immigrant/ international health care. Since her teen years, she has taught ESL to immigrants to help minimize health care disparities due to language barriers. Natalia received her undergraduate degree in Biology and Medical Anthropology from the University of Michigan, graduating summa cum laude. She worked full time in a pharmacy to put herself through college, graduating debt-free. She volunteered extensively including two years with the Foundation for International Health Relief spending part of her time working with Nicaraguan refugees in Costa Rica. Natalia also found time to conduct basic science research on ovarian cancer. She received her Medical Degree from the University of Minnesota where she continued her volunteerism, health education of both medical students, local and international patients, served in leadership roles, advocated for the immigrant community and conducted research on Hepatitis B in the Laotian population of the Twin Cities. Natalia enjoys international travel and work abroad, medical anthropology reading, cooking, Spanish language and culture exploration, fitness, adventure sports, Holocaust Memoirs, and Art.

Photo of Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas
Indiana University School of Medicine

Ashley received her undergraduate degree from Purdue University with a degree in Pharmaceutical Science and was the recipient of two academic scholarships. She participated in numerous volunteer and leadership experiences and conducted summer research on cancer chemotherapeutic agents at Vanderbilt University. Ashley’s research culminated in publication in peer reviewed journals including first authorship. She received her medical degree from Indiana University where she was inducted into the AOA honor society. Ashley continued her leadership and volunteer activities and served as the President of the Med-Peds Interest Group. Her volunteer demonstrate Ashley’s commitment to serving medically under-served populations. Ashley enjoys outdoor activities, reading, boating, interior decorating, and gardening.