Event /Meeting Timeline


MedPeds Event Calendar             2016-2017

June 15th – June 24th New House Staff Orientation.  Please refer to Orientation Schedule for more details.
June 17th MedPeds Welcome Dinner – New Interns
June 17th MedPeds Orientation/Tour
July-August BiAnnual Reviews (PGY 2-3)
August MP Steering Committee:  Program Evaluation Meeting
August 15th Grand Rounds, P117
October 24th Grand Rounds, P117
November 2nd Applicant Interviews
November 9th Applicant Interviews
November 16th Applicant Interviews
November 30th  Applicant Interviews
December 7th Applicant Interviews
December 14th Applicant Interviews
January Biannual Reviews
January 4th Applicant Interviews
January 11th Applicant Interviews
Late Jan/ Early Feb MP Steering Committee/ Rank meeting
February 20th Grand Rounds, P117
May 24th MedPeds Retreat
April 24th Grand Rounds, P117
May 10th MP Steering Committee/ CCC
May PGY4 Sign Out and Final Reviews
June 9th or 10th MedPeds Graduation Dinner!
June 15th Reimbursement receipts due