A Letter to 2023-24 Applicants

Dear Med-Peds Applicant,

The Admissions Committee for the University of Chicago Med-Peds Residency Program recognizes and understands how the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic continues to influence the 2023-2024 residency application cycle. We have a longstanding and unwavering commitment to maintain an equitable process that ensures the training of a diverse future physician workforce poised to meet the needs of our communities.

Our Admissions team has always made the thoughtful and holistic review of applications a top priority, and we will take into account the structural, emotional, and physical toll of recent events as we make decisions this cycle. To that end, we will reduce the impact of USLME (or COMLEX) scores in our review process for this cycle by blinding interviewers and members of our selection committee to these scores. We will place even greater emphasis on those applicant characteristics that will predict success within our curriculum and align with our mission to recruit and train a diverse group of residents who strive to provide culturally equitable and high quality clinical care to an urban, underserved population and to become leaders and innovators in practice, administration, advocacy, research, and education.


Our Med-Peds Program accepts applications only through ERAS. Our first round of invitations will be sent on October 10, 2023. The deadline to submit an application is December 31, 2023, although the vast majority of selected interviewees or wait-listed applicants will occur in October and early November. It is prudent to submit whatever material you can before September 29, 2023 to have your application initially reviewed. Our interviews, which will be entirely virtual this application season, will occur from early November to early January.

Letters of Recommendation

Three or four letters of recommendation from physicians directly involved with the applicant must be submitted before rank lists are due; however:

For students that have completed both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics clerkships, and/or Sub-I rotations, please include 1 or more letters from each department. We do not require Chair letters or letters from Med-Peds physicians.

We require both USMLE Step 1 & 2 by the time of rank.

All applications are carefully reviewed and decisions for interviews are based upon the composite qualifications of the applicant. Thank you for your consideration of our program. We are eager to review your application.

For more information, please contact our Residency Program Coordinator at medpeds-recruit@medicine.bsd.uchicago.edu.