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Photo of Aisha Amuda
Aisha Amuda
UNC School of Medicine

After spending her childhood in Shelby, NC, Aisha went on to study biology at UNC Chapel Hill. Before beginning her career in medicine, she was an Emerson National Hunger Fellow where she served at The Food Project and the Food Research and Action Center in Boston and Washington, D.C. She also worked as a policy advocate at the Community Food Security Coalition. As a graduate and medical student at UNC, her leadership and advocacy skills were apparent through myriad public health and policy roles. During medical school, she served as the SNMA chapter president, fourth year class president, and student body president. She was also a fierce advocate for expansion of the health equity curriculum and enhancement of the learning environment for underrepresented minorities in medicine. She earned an MPH with focus on the relationship between type 2 diabetes and food insecurity, publishing on the association between diabetes risk and built environment characteristics. She is the recipient of the Christopher C. Fordham III Student Award and June C. Allcott Fellowship, and is a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society. Her career interests are hospital medicine and nephrology. Aisha’s vocal skills will be a tremendous asset to our jam sessions led by our PD, Rita Rossi-Foulkes.

Photo of Molly MacInnes
Molly MacInnes
University of Illinois College of Medicine

Originally from Cary, IL, Molly moved to Boulder, CO for undergraduate at U Colorado where she majored in Integrative Physiology. She subsequently earned a Masters in Teaching and taught anatomy, physiology and engineering in Detroit, and has also worked as a health counselor for young adults experiencing homelessness. As a medical student at University of Illinois, she participated in research on stakeholder challengers in providing services to people who use drugs in Hanoi, Vietnam, conducted a needs assessment for family planning/gynecologic care for sex workers in Chicago, and took initiative to investigate the feasibility of topical antiseptic wipes to prevent skin infections in association with IV drug use. She is a tireless advocate for urban underserved populations, a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, and a non-profit founder. In addition to her incredible service leadership, Molly somehow finds time to compete in triathlons, go camping and shred powder with her snowboard.

Photo of Catherine Waymel
Catherine Waymel
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Catherine was born and raised in Englewood, CO. She studied neuroscience as an undergraduate at CU Boulder, participating in research on delayed gratification in 3 to 5-year-olds. She gained exposure to patient care and complex childhood disease working as an MA at a pediatrics office and as a homecare worker caring for children with neurologic disorders. As a medical student at the University of Colorado, she worked on an observational pilot study on the safety profile of marijuana for patients with cardiac disease, organized ethics seminars as a board member of Catholic Medical Association, and held a seat as a board member for an organization called Disability Dialogues to increase provider understanding and ability to care for individuals with disabilities. Catherine is a member of AOA and the Gold Humanism Honor Society. Outside of medicine she employs her talents as a multi-instrumentalist playing the guitar and piano, and wipes the floor with the competition at the card table where her game of choice is canasta.

Photo of Roxana Wiswell
Roxana Wiswell
Boston University School of Medicine

Roxana hails from Cupertino, CA and attended UCSD for undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology. She has experience volunteering in Middle East refugee camps and investigating health needs of refugees in Amman, Jordan. Her research background also includes bench work in methylation and epigenetics in Alzheimer’s disease. She speaks Spanish fluently and spent five weeks in Guatemala working with a Mayan population in an underserved area. While in medical school at Boston University, she volunteered at the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, and plans to continue working with vulnerable patient populations. Roxana is an AOA inductee and graduate Magna Cum Laude, and her career interests include med-peds hospitalist work. She is moving to Chicago accompanied by her dog Riley, who will be a welcomed addition to the med-peds family.