Curriculum and Requirements

Intern Year

The goal for intern year is to provide broad exposure to inpatient and ambulatory Medicine and Pediatrics.  Rotations are in 4-week blocks with switches between Medicine and Pediatrics every 3 months.  The intern is also exposed to critical care rotations in the Medical ICU, Cardiac ICU and Neonatal ICU.  In addition, interns are brought into the MedPeds continuity practice during regular continuity clinic sessions and an entire ambulatory block based in the MedPeds practice.  While on a medicine inpatient service, there are fewer continuity sessions to blend with the 4+2 curriculum of the categorical medicine program.  During the MedPeds Ambulatory block, interns grow even more comfortable in their clinic and are provided experiences to explore specialty or adolescent/young adult clinics.  The ambulatory rotation pairs interns and 4th-year residents to allow for direct mentorship and support.

Medicine Pediatrics
Consults (ID, renal, pulm, cards) Comer Inpatient General Pediatrics (2 weeks of nights)
Inpatient General Medicine Comer Inpatient GI/Neurology/General Pediatrics Service
Heme Onc (solid and/ or liquid oncology) Comer NICU (one week of nights)
Inpatient Cardiology/ CCU GCN (Well Baby Nursery)
MICU (Medical Intensive Care) Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
Outpatient Geriatrics 2 weeks/ Vacation 2 weeks Child Protective Services 2 weeks/ Vacation 2 weeks
Med-Peds:  MP Ambulatory (pair with PGY 4 in quatro)


Second Year

During second year, further foundational experiences in General Medicine and General Pediatrics are provided with the resident serving as a senior/supervisory resident. During Medicine rotations, there is flexibility in the selection of service for the second inpatient experience between the Cardiology service, Supportive Oncology service, Leukemia service and the Transitions/General Medicine Team.  During Pediatrics, residents gain additional experience with inpatient Pediatric general and subspecialty experiences.  Additionally, critical care experience is furthered with supervisory experience in the CCU, MICU and NICU and the first rotation in the PICU. Throughout their 2nd through 4th years, residents maintain their continuity practices as well as annual MedPeds ambulatory blocks.

Medicine Pediatrics
General Medicine Inpatient Senior Comer NICU or NICU NorthShore (Evanston)
Inpatient Senior (two 2 week blocks: Liquid and/ or Solid Oncology, Cardiology, or Transition Team General Medicine) PICU
Consults, Elective or Research Inpatient Heme Onc
ER Comer Inpatient GI/Neurology/General Pediatrics Service Senior
CCU Senior 2 weeks/ MICU Night Float Senior 2 weeks Adolescent / Consults/ or Elective
Geriatrics Consults 2 weeks/ Vacation 2 weeks  ER 2 weeks/Vacation 2 weeks
Med-Peds:  MP Ambulatory


Third Year

For 3rd and 4th year residents, flexibility is afforded by allowing residents to switch between Medicine and Pediatrics as frequently as every month -with rotation changes every 2-4 weeks- to allow residents to explore future careers and meet educational goals.  Supervisory experience is maintained with inpatient experience in Medicine on any floor service and with General Pediatrics at Comer. Additional General Pediatrics inpatient experiences can be at Northshore Hospital in Evanston, La Rabida Hospital in South Shore, or Saint Anthony’s Hospital on the West Side of Chicago depending on residents’ choices. Residents interested in the LUCENT primary care program may substitute ICU rotations for dedicated primary care LUCENT blocks. There are several options to allow for an individualized curriculum while maintaining ACGME requirements.

Medicine Pediatrics
Inpatient Cardiology Day Senior or Night Float Senior Comer Inpatient General Pediatrics Senior
Consults, Elective, or Research Comer NICU or NICU North Shore (Evanston) – may opt out if LUCENT or with permission for individualized curriculum
Inpatient Senior (General Medicine Senior or Day Float, Cardiology, Leuk, Solid Onc Senior) ER (2 weeks) / Inpatient General Pediatrics Night Senior (2 weeks)
MICU Senior (Opt out if LUCENT) Additional Inpatient Senior: General Pediatrics NorthShore, St Anthony’s, or La Rabida, or Comer Heme-Onc
Consults, Elective or Research Consults, Adolescent, Elective or Research
Consults, Elective, or Research 2 weeks/ Vacation 2 weeks ER (2 weeks) / Vacation (2 weeks)
Med-Peds:   MP Ambulatory


Fourth Year

MedPeds 4th-year residents complete ACGME requirements while pursuing individualized curricula in the final year.  They each receive professional development as Chief Residents focusing on a leadership activity of their choice.  Working with their advisors and the program director, residents meet all ACGME requirements and have the flexibility to pursue interests like global health, transition care, ethics, education or research.  Examples in recent years include residents completing University of Chicago fellowships in Medical Ethics, Medical Education, and the LUCENT primary care track.

Medicine Pediatrics
Any supervisory (senioring) inpatient month (e.g. General Medicine, Cards, Heme-Onc, MICU) Any supervisory (senioring) inpatient month  (e.g. Inpatient General Pediatrics at Comer or offsite, Hem-Onc, GI/Neuro subspecialty services)
Consults, Elective or Research Consults (2 weeks); Day Float/Sick Call (2 weeks)
Consults, Elective or Research Consults, Adolescent, Elective or Research
Consults, Elective or Research Consults, Adolescent, Elective or Research
Consults, Elective or Research Senior Rotation: Elective, Adol, or Research
Consults, Elective or Research / Vacation ER (2 weeks) / Vacation (2 weeks)
Med-Peds:  MP Ambulatory