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Graduate Medical Education Stipend and Compensation

Please follow link below for information regarding stipend levels per post graduate year.

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Internal Medicine Educational Funds

The educational fund provides reimbursement for attendance to regional and national academic conferences as well as educational resources (books, software, equipment), which will contribute to practice-based learning. Funds will be made available to all internal medicine house officers. The actual amount per resident is proportional to the anticipated duration of training at the rate of $300.00 per year fund to roll over to the next year if not completely used in PGY 1,2, and 3.

ACP Honorarium

The travel honorarium was established to encourage senior resident attendance at the American College of Physicians annual meeting and to assist in financing the trip. All residents who are scheduled to complete three years of the Internal Medicine residency are eligible for a $950.00 honorarium. For those unable to attend the ACP meeting, the honorarium may be used to attend an alternative conference at the program’s discretion.  This must be approved in advance by the program director.

Pediatrics Educational Funds

  • 4th – The Pediatric Medical Education Office (PMEO) provides a $700.00 one-time book fund to each M/P resident within the Department. The book fund is to be utilized for educational costs during their fourth year (PL4).
  • Additional travel and research grants are available at:

Ticket Funds

Each year the Internal Medicine Residency Program is allotted funds for the House Staff to purchase tickets for Chicago area cultural activities. Each resident is allotted 1 set of tickets per reimbursement. Reimbursement should not exceed $80.00 per set of tickets. Ticket Funds can be used annually. All reimbursements require the original ticket stub(s) as well as proof of purchase.

Safe Ride Fund

Reimbursement payments may be given to house officers for transportation home upon leaving The University of Chicago Hospitals.  Transportation is to be used when a house officer is too tired to drive home safely.  Reimbursement will be made for transportation from the hospitals to home and to return the work the following day.